Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to Play SWF on Blackberry Playbook

The Blackberry Playbook is a tablet computer developed by Blackberry. The Playbook is the first device to run Blackberry Tablet OS based on QNX Neutrino. Below are some great new features in Blackberry playbook that make it stand out:

  • Blackberry Bridge Remote Control - The Remote Control feature with Bridge is amazing, which make watching video and playing music from your TV a breeze. 
  • Social Integration - It’s great to see RIM’s implementation of Gist, the Social Address Book, in all the native apps such as Messages, Calendar and Contacts. 
  • Message Formating - Now you can use rich formating on your Playbook messages with Bold, Italics and more. 
  • Print To Go - When you go to Print a document, you can send it to the Playbook where you get a digital print version and you can even shred the documents. 
  • Video Calling - Now you can see who is online and call them. And adding contacts is also much easier and its actually done automatically out of your Address Book. 

Nevertheless, nothing is perfect. The Blackberry Playbook fails to access to flash SWF file:

“Hey, I have downloaded some SWF files and want to play them on my Blackberry Playbook, but the Playbook doesn’t support. I am wondering if there is anyway to play flash on Blackberry Playbook? Thanks in advance.” 

Don’t feel disappointed. Even if the Blackberry Playbook doesn’t support flash .swf file, you can convert SWF to Blackberry supported format, like WMV. To this extent, AST SWF Video Converter can definitely help to do the conversion. Now let’s see how it works:

(SWF to Blackberry Converter has two different version provided. Here we use SWF Video Converter for Mac to show the detailed steps.)

Step 1: Free download, install and launch the latest version of SWF Converter for Mac.

Step 2: Click the “Source” button to select the .swf file you would like to convert.

Step 3: From the drop down list of “Codec”, select WMV as the output format.

Step 4: Hit “Capture” then “Start” to start converting SWF to Blackberry on Mac.
Video Tutorial: 

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