Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How to Convert SWF to WMV on Mac/Windows 8

What is a WMV file?
WMV or Windows Media Video is a compressed video file format created by Microsoft. The most usual container for a WMV file is an ASF format ending with .wmv or .asf. Sometimes it is stored in an AVI or Matroska container format. The original WMV video format was designed for Internet streming applications as a RealVideo competitor.

What are WMV features and advantages? 

  • Supports interlaced video, non-square pixels, and frame interpolation. 
  • Supports variable bit rate, average bit rate, and constant bit rate. 
  • Allows compression of large files without quality loss. 
  • Supported by many modern portable video devices and streaming media clients. 
  • Can be played with numerous third-party players that use FFmpeg. 

Where WMV can be applied? 
There is a wide range of programs based on different OS platforms allow to play WMV files, such as Windows Media Player, ALLPlayer, KMPlayer, PowerDVD, RealPlayer, MPlayer, VLC Media Player, Zoom Player, and Media Player Classic etc.

As we all know, most multimedia players lack of flash support. Then, if you have funny flash movies or animations and want to play with Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player, converting SWF to WMV will be good option. AST SWF Video Converter (SWF Video Converter and SWF Video Converter for Mac) is a powerful tool for you to convert SWF to WMV on Windows/Mac OS. Just download one to try it now.

Below are detailed steps about how to convert SWF to WMV on Mac:

Step 1: Run SWF to WMV Converter for Mac. Click “Source” to add flash .swf file to the program.

Step 2: Click “Play” to preview the imported SWF video. And click “Crop” to delete unwanted parts.

Step 3: Click on the drop-down list of “Codec”, choose WMV as the output format and change video quality.

Step 4: Click “Capture” then “Start” to start converting SWF to WMV on Mac. Click “End Record” to stop conversion.

Step 5: When conversion completes, the program will show the output folder, click “Open” to view the created WMV video.

Video Tutorial of How to Convert SWF to WMV on Windows 8:

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